Dr Kondekar gives free online advice on repeated cough cold asthma wheeze pneumonia cases. Clinic address at www.doctorchild.com Child asthma specialsit dr mumbai India. Chronic Cough Cold Wheeze is it Asthma? Bronchitis?Lung disease?Allergy or Infection? adults n kids.. This website helps you understand how modern therapy helps you understand and manage these issues only on basis of symptom profile..may be like homeopaths do. Asthma is a reversible disease if diagnosed and treated adequately., easily controllable. Uncontrolled long time symptoms affect growth and quality of life including diet study activity and diseases. There are many diseases mismanaged as asthma, a keen eye helps sort out those issues like CLd, foreign body, TB, sinus, reflux , Cystic fibrosis and cardiac diseases.